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NFL Odds Say Chargers, Chiefs, Raiders In AFC West

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We've been following the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl odds (just for fun) via this season and it's been quite an up and down ride.

Before the season, their 2012 Super Bowl odds were 50/1, right around the middle of the pack. I think that was about right for them relative to the other teams' odds at the time.

After the bad start to the season, their odds skyrocketed to 500/1 which, at the time, I felt was fair. (The Miami Dolphins are 1000/1 right now.)

Now, after four in a row, the Chiefs Super Bowl odds are coming back to Earth. They were down to 200/1 last week and now they're at 65/1, slightly further odds than they had before the season.

As for a playoff berth, the San Diego Chargers continue to be the favorite in the AFC West, but the Kansas City Chiefs have moved ahead of the Oakland Raiders.

  • San Diego Chargers 1/2
  • Kansas City Chiefs 13/4
  • Oakland Raiders 4/1
  • Denver Broncos 50/1