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Most NFL Picks Saying Chiefs Over Dolphins This Weekend

After the Kansas City Chiefs 0-3 start, we've been seeing lots of NFL folks picking against them to win the last four weeks but luckily KC has proven them wrong.

Now that the Chiefs are winning, and they're playing the winless Miami Dolphins on Sunday, we're seeing a bunch of people pick them to win this week. It's really been since Week 1 since the Chiefs have been favored by most folks to win the following week.

This week, more than a few folks are picking the Chiefs to win.

Every one of the Yahoo! Sports picks goes to KC, and same with Peter King of Last week, all but one of the ESPN experts picked the Chiefs to lose but that trend has reversed this week:


(The "No pick" is Chris Mortensen and ESPN's pick 'em.)

The Chiefs are 5.5 point favorites to the winless Dolphins. It'll be interesting to see how they respond now that they're heavily favored to win the game and can't claim the title of underdog.