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Kansas City Chiefs November 2011 Approval Poll: Scott Pioli


Another edition of our monthly approval polls. This will be the 32nd month we've tracked the approval ratings for Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli. Can you believe we already have 32 of these things? No one else has multi-year data like this (that I know of) so it's pretty cool.

We've already started November's polls with head coach Todd Haley and, with 2,000-plus votes in, Haley is back over 90 percent for the first time since August.

Will Pioli get the same treatment? How does he factor into the four-game winning streak?

Those are the types of questions we want you to consider in this month's approval poll for Pioli. All three of the guys -- Haley, Pioli and owner Clark Hunt -- were under 60 percent last month. For Pioli, that 53 percent number was the lowest we've ever seen. Of course, that was pre-winning streak.

Take a second to vote in the poll below and check out previous month's results after the jump.

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