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Dolphins Vs. Chiefs 2011: Ticket Prices Trending Upward

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The Kansas City Chiefs take on the Miami Dolphins this weekend at Arrowhead Stadium and we've got a heads up on some Chargers-Chiefs Dolphins-Chiefs ticket deals from out partner, as well as some ticket trends.

As you can see in the image above, Chiefs and Dolphins ticket prices are slightly up this week. The average ticket price for a Chiefs' home game is $111.

Here's the deal Tiqiq is offering. Click this link and not only will you be able to name your own price on Chiefs-Chargers tickets (like but you'll also get an extra $20 to put towards your purchase. So cheap tickets (50% off) plus an extra $20 off, which you can put towards parking. Or beer. Or food.

This deal expires at 12 p.m. ET Friday. Click here to name your own price on Chiefs-Dolphins tickets.