Ask WCG Virtually Anything Bears Related!

Hey guys, Steven here, moderator, editor, weekend warrior, midweek previewer, detailed recapper, and probably a bunch of other things -er (watch your mouth) at Windy City Gridiron, SBN's Bears blog. So we're continuing our little stretch against the AFC West, and that includes our game on Sunday. Feel free to ask myself and other WCG-ites that might stop by questions related to any and all subjects Bears-related, including...

- Caleb Hanie's two touchdowns and three interceptions
- Why our receivers won't help out any of our quarterbacks
- How to pierce our offensive line
- Why tight ends treat our defense like stretched out toilet paper (although we finally stopped that unit from scoring!)
- The awesomeness of whoever we happen to plug in at nickel back (and I don't mean the "band")
- Anything about the game played on Sunday
- And of course the game to BE played on Sunday

With all that being said... Who's starting, Orton or Palko?

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