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LaMarr Woodley Isn't A Fan Of Chiefs Fans

Getty Images

So Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley doesn't like Chiefs fans very much right now.

Here's what he said on his Twitter account today:

The Chiefs fans have no class cheered after @tpolamalu (Troy Polamalu) got hurt. I guess there's nothing else 2 cheer for when your 4-7 #SteelerNATION

I'm not sure what he's talking about. I went back and watched the replay and didn't hear anything out of the ordinary. My initial reaction after the play in question was actually a Joe Valerio flashback because it was Steve Maneri, an offensive lineman, who caught the pass. Did anyone at the game hear any noticeable cheering after the injury? Half that stadium was Steelers fans so it was hard from my vantage point to make who, exactly, was cheering.

I'm not sure I understand his angle here. The Steelers did win the game after all.