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Chiefs' Todd Haley Says Tyler Palko's The Starter, For Now

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Todd Haley said Tyler Palko remains the Kansas City Chiefs starting quarterback but it sounds like his status as the starter is shakier than ever. New QB Kyle Orton will get some first team snaps this week, Haley said Monday, and the Chiefs will roll with whoever the best quarterback is.

"Like I said, Tyler's the starter but, as we do every week at every position, if we feel Kyle or Ricky gives us a better chance to win then we surely would make that change," Haley said.

In other words, this is an open competition, which means it's very possible we actually see Orton this weekend in Chicago.

The bigger news, in my mind, is that Orton will actually be getting some first team snaps. That he's practicing to play shows he'll have a legitimate shot to play this weekend.

"I would venture to say that as much as anything else give Kyle an opportunity to get acclimated into the offense and the only way to do that is to get legitimate reps," Haley said. "In the end, the guy we feel gives us the best chance to win will always play and that goes for anywhere on the field."

As for Stanzi, Haley was asked whether he's a consideration to play down the stretch.

"I don't know. We have to see how things play out. Right now I think there was a clear cut reason for the acquisition of Kyle and I would say that he's getting the majority of any extra snaps. In this league, you never know. Ricky does a tremendous job of preparing every week to be ready to go and he was ready to go yesterday."