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Steelers Beat Chiefs: Five Good Stats

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We already looked at five bad stats from the Kansas City Chiefs loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers so here's five good ones. These focus mostly on the defense as well as a Ryan Succop mention and one note on the offense.

13. Points given up. Can't argue with this. I'd take 13 points from the defense all season long. The Chiefs defense collectively played one of their better games by significantly slowing the Steelers running game down, getting pressure on Ben Roethlisberger and came up with timely stops. They played well enough to win this game considering the offense had four turnovers.

3-of-3. Ryan Succop's field goals. Remember when he missed three of his first four field goal attempts to start the season? He's made 15 in a row since then, including a 5-of-5 and two 3-of-3 games. I know we'd rather see touchdowns but if you're going to kick 'em, it's nice to have a guy that can put together a string like this.

2. Turnovers created by the Chiefs defense. Again, like the 13 points, I'll take two turnovers any day of the week. The Chiefs came up with one when the Steelers were in the red zone, which was especially huge, and another one when the Steelers had a first and 10 from the Chiefs 42-yard line. 

3-37. Combined receptions and yards from Heath Miller and Mike Wallace. The Chiefs always seem to struggle against tight ends and it looked like that would continue early on against the Steelers but Miller finished with just one catch for 20 yards. Wallace, the Steelers big play threat, only caught two balls for 17 yards. The Chiefs defense did a good job containing a couple of the biggest threats.

40. Chiefs third down percentage. Believe it or not, the Chiefs offense is getting better on third down. In 2009, they were at 27 percent (31st), in 2010 they were at 37 percent (20th) and this year they're at 39 percent (14th). On Sunday, they were 6-of-15 which was 40 percent. (Of course, third downs don't mean anything if you're not scoring points.)