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Steelers Beat Chiefs: Five Bad Stats

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The Kansas City Chiefs lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night and if we're going to take any positives out of it it's that the Chiefs kept it close throughout the game.

(Yeah, it's that part of the season where keeping games close is some sort of "moral victory." No, I don't really believe that.)

The Chiefs did plenty of bad things against the Steelers, almost exclusively on offense. Here's five of those bad stats:

0. Chiefs touchdowns. What's the count up to now? 45 possessions? The Chiefs have not scored a touchdown in nine quarters and Sunday night was no different as the Chiefs moved the ball a couple of times but could never get within striking distance. Three field goals led the charge against the Steelers and, as we've learned a few times this year already, you can't win (very often) without scoring touchdowns.

4. Turnovers by the Chiefs offense. The Chiefs had a great opportunity early in the game when they created a Steelers turnover in the red zone but followed it up it right. Tyler Palko had two really bad interceptions that were A.) horrible throws or B.) miscommunication with the receiver. (The third one was just a bad throw.)

2.6. Chiefs' yards per rushing attempt. 34 attempts for 90 yards. That's definitely not a good stat but with the Chiefs quarterback situation I'm sure they felt they didn't have much of a chance throwing it more often. Jackie Battle continued trending downward while Thomas Jones performed about the way he has all season (and still received 13 carries). Tough spot.

50/50. Number of Steelers vs. Chiefs fans at Arrowhead. I'm not sure I remember Arrowhead ever getting taken over like that. (Maybe the Packers game a few years back.) It was a pretty even split between Chiefs and Steelers fans at the game. I said on Twitter that the Steelers fans travel well but more than a few people reminded me that there's plenty of Steelers fans living in KC (and every other city in the country). I can't really blame the fans, though, considering the way the season has gone.

4. Number of losses at home this year. Two of those were four-plus touchdown blowouts.