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Putting The Dwayne Bowe Non-Catch Up To A Vote

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On the Kansas City Chiefs final offensive play against the Pittsburgh Steelers, WR Dwayne Bowe was running a route down the right side of the field and raised his arm as if he was going deep. QB Tyler Palko saw this and threw it deep to Bowe and the ball was off-target, leading to an interception, which ended the game.

On the play, which you can see here and here, Bowe jumps up, pulls his arms in and the ball goes into the hands of Steelers CB Keenan Lewis. NBC broadcaster Cris Collinsworth ripped into Bowe claiming he didn't make a full effort to catch the ball. Others, like Jayice Pearson on 610 Sports this morning, have come to Bowe's defense claiming it was not a catchable ball and he didn't do anything wrong.

This has caused a little debate among Chiefs nation. Did Bowe do anything wrong on the play? Should he have made a better attempt to catch the ball? My take on it is after the jump but let us know what you think in the poll below.

[Note: It's incredible how so many people can see the same thing, yet come up with two different interpretations.]

First, I don't think that ball was catchable so Bowe didn't really do anything wrong. Maybe it was sorta, kinda close but I still don't think Bowe had any chance of even getting his hands on the ball. (This is obviously debatable as our friend Carrington Harrison notes.)

Second, my guess on what Bowe was trying to do...he jumped up, realized he couldn't catch the ball and, instead of tipping the ball in the air which could lead to an interception, he let it go hoping it would fall incomplete, stopping the clock.

Third, Bowe's reaction to the play is really what's causing the controversy, in my opinion. By jumping and pulling his arms back in, Bowe gives the impression that he gave up on the play. But I don't think that he did. I think he just realized he couldn't catch it. But the way he reacted -- the 'ol alligator arms look -- it creates the impression that he was giving up when, in my mind, there was really nothing to give up on.

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