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AFC West Standings: Coming Down To Raiders And Broncos

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The Kansas City Chiefs lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday Night Football but thanks to the San Diego Chargers, they're not alone in last place. The Chiefs and Chargers at 4-7 are tied for last in the AFC West while the Oakland Raiders sit in first followed by the Denver Broncos.

Just like everyone predicted before the season, right? Here's how things look in the AFC West right now:

1. Oakland Raiders (7-4): The Raiders are in the driver's seat in the division but they have a tough slate of games coming up including at Miami, at Green Bay, Detroit, at Kansas City and ending with San Diego. The Raiders have won seven of 11 games this year but I could still envision a scenario where they lose four of their last five.

2. Denver Broncos (6-5): Another week of us saying, 'The Broncos have to start losing soon...right?' Maybe not. They're 5-1 under Tebow after starting the year 1-4 and have a few winnable games coming up. Their next five includes at Minnesota, Chicago, New England, at Buffalo and Kansas City.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (4-7): The Chiefs aren't yet mathematically eliminated but they would probably need to run the table in order to have a shot at winning the division. With their schedule -- at Chicago, at New York, Green Bay, Oakland and at Denver -- that's not likely to happen.

4. San Diego Chargers (4-7): I think the only way we explain the Chargers this year is if news comes out after the season that Philip Rivers has been playing hurt. It just doesn't make any sense with him right now. The Chargers, like the Chiefs, are essentially out of it. They finish at Jacksonville, Buffalo, Baltimore, at Detroit and at Oakland.