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This Is How Bad The Chiefs Quarterback Situation Has Become

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A few hours before the Kansas City Chiefs Week 11 game against the New England Patriots, they placed QB Matt Cassel on injured reserve, officially ending his season, which left the Chiefs with QB Tyler Palko and Ricky Stanzi on the roster.

Chiefs coach Todd Haley has publicly backed his quarterbacks but it was clear after Palko's first game that the Chiefs should consider looking for another quarterback. We know now that they found that quarterback in Orton but the KC Star provides us a glimpse of how bad the Chiefs apparently thought their situation was before Orton became available.

Kent Babb answers the question of why Stanzi isn't getting his shot yet and includes this nugget:

The Chiefs simply believe the rookie quarterback Stanzi isn't yet ready to help the team, and they toyed with the idea of bringing back Brodie Croyle, the team's former backup passer, had Orton not become available. The Chiefs believe Stanzi has talent, but he's a long way from being a significant contributor.

That's how bad the Chiefs thought their quarterback situation was -- 0-10 Brodie Croyle! Let that sink in for a minute. I can not imagine the reception that move would have received.

Croyle, for his part, could be headed to Houston where rookie T.J. Yates is starting as the third man on the depth chart.