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New Chiefs QB Kyle Orton Meets The Media

New Kansas City Chiefs QB Kyle Orton talked to the KC media following Sunday night's loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. We've quoted a little bit of what he had to say but I transcribed his entire interview below.

On not playing Sunday night: I don't know. It was coach's decision. My goal is just to learn the offense as fast as I can, learn my teammates and hopefully help in any way I can.

On whether he expects to start: I don't expect anything. I expect to work hard, like I said, learn the offense and fill any role that I can.

On how different this offense is: It's different. All offenses are different. It's just a matter of trying to get to know my teammates, get to know the system as well as I can and help any way that I can.

On his goals: To help this team make the playoffs. I think everyone has the same goal. I'm excited to get to work. I've had a long three or four days and I want to start grinding away as long as it takes.

On the learning curve: It's difficult, not only to try to learn the offense, but try to get the timing with everybody and the familiarity with everybody. But, like I said, whatever role I have on the team, I'm going to try to do it as best I can.

On how he found out the Chiefs claimed him: Like everybody else on ESPN. I'm excited for the opportunity. It's a great organization. I've had a lot of respect for this organization throughout the years of playing them.

On who he talked to after the Chiefs claimed him: Talked to Mr. Pioli and talked to coach Haley and just kinda echoed what I told ya'll, that I'm excited to be here, trying to be a team guy and whatever role I have on the team trying to do it as well as I can.

On what the Chiefs told him they expect from him: Just come in and work hard. Try to learn as fast as I can and try to help the team.

On reports that he didn't want to come to Kansas City: None of that came from me. So unless I say it I don't hold much merit to it so I don't have a response to it.

On his exit from Denver with Tebowmania: Really haven't thought about it because everything's moved so fast the past three or four days Haven't really had time to look to the past and haven't really had the time to look to the future. Just take it day by day, week by week and work hard.

On the Chiefs schedule coming up: We got a tough schedule, we know, but the whole focus is on Chicago this week and doing whatever it takes to go on the road and get a tough win.