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Grade The Chiefs Loss To The Steelers

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After the first half of Sunday Night Football, I thought the Kansas City Chiefs game against the Pittsburgh Steelers was shaping up to be like the New England Patriots game last week. The Chiefs, offensively, weren't doing anything but the game was still within reach.

In the Pats' game, the Chiefs went on to get blown out while they played the Steelers tough and eventually walked out with a four-point loss, 13-9.

So how do you grade the Chiefs in this game?

Offensively, I think you have to give it a D, at best (there's a strong argument for a failing grade...again). The Chiefs have one touchdown in the last 17 quarters and none in the last nine. They seem to move the ball at times but lack the ability to execute for an entire drive. There's just no way to put it -- the Chiefs offense has been unacceptable the last month.

Defensively, things even out. The Chiefs defense, in my mind, was the real story of the game. They played well enough on Sunday night to keep the Chiefs competitive, harassed Ben Roethlisberger throughout the night and shut down the Steeler running game for the most part. Looking at just this side of the equation, the Chiefs defense deserves an A.

So how does it even out? Do the Chiefs deserve a good grade for keeping it close with an elite team? Or do you give them a failing grade for losing....again?