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Let The Kyle Orton Vs. Tyler Palko Questions Begin

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The Chiefs lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night but shortly after the game the questions for Todd Haley were not about the game but about Kyle Orton, and his future on the team. Officially, Haley says Orton's coming in to compete for the starting job, like any other position.

"I think he has a much better chance this week to compete," Haley said after the game Sunday night. "Like I said, Tyler's the starter but whoever, at any position, if we feel there's somebody who gives us a better chance to win, then that's the guideline we generally follow. I can't really answer any of that."

What will really matter is who's taking the majority of the first team snaps throughout the week, which we won't start to know until Wednesday. 

And speaking of Orton, he talked to a group of reporters after the game. He says he found out about KC's waiver claims through ESPN ("like everybody else") and eventually spoke with Haley and GM Scott Pioli. He seems fairly quiet and doesn't want to rock the boat too much (at least through one interview).

No hints from Orton on his status for next week's game in Chicago. Here are a few things he had to say:

  • On his goals for this season: "To help this team make the playoffs. I think everyone has the same goal."
  • On whether he expects to be the starter: "I don't expect anything. I expect to work hard, learn the offense and try to fill any role that I can."
  • On reports that he didn't want to come to KC: "None of that came from me. So unless I say it I don't really hold much merit to it so I don't have a response for it."
  • On the Tim Tebow era in Denver and losing his starting job: "Haven't really had time to look to the past and I haven't really had time to look to the future."