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Steelers Vs. Chiefs 2011: Offense Fails Chiefs In 13-9 Loss

This guy, this guy is not good.
This guy, this guy is not good.

The Kansas City Chiefs' defense played a fantastic game against the Pittsburgh Steelers this evening but came up just short, 13-9. The Chiefs are now 4-7 on the season. The Oakland Raiders lead the AFC West with a 7-4 record. 

Joel will be back soon with a much more comprehensive recap but for now, here are the major points I want to comment on:

  • The only reason the Chiefs were even in this game was their defense. Romeo Crennel and the D played a fantastic game against a great quarterback. Major props to the Chiefs' D this evening. They shut out the Steelers in the second half but...
  • Unfortunately, the Chiefs started Tyler Palko tonight. And he played like Tyler Palko. Three interceptions. A fumbled snap. He never established any sort of rhythm in the offense this evening. Like I said earlier, Kyle Orton cannot get on the field fast enough.
  • Over the Chiefs' last 45 possessions, KC has one touchdown. One. I feel like this is 2007 all over again. And I hate that feeling.

It's getting late so what are your immediate post-game thoughts?