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Steelers Beat Chiefs And 21 Things To Remember About The Game

KANSAS CITY, MO - NOVEMBER 27:  Quarterback Tyler Palko #4 of the Kansas City Chiefs hands off during the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on November 27, 2011 at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
KANSAS CITY, MO - NOVEMBER 27: Quarterback Tyler Palko #4 of the Kansas City Chiefs hands off during the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on November 27, 2011 at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
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The Kansas City Chiefs played the Pittsburgh Steelers tough but it wasn't enough as KC drops to 4-7 on the season. Another week, another loss.

I jotted down a bunch of notes throughout the game. Here's a recap of what I saw tonight:
Pregame fight! Sabby Piscitelli and Mike Wallace got into a shoving match near midfield and that drew a bunch of other players to join in on the pregame shoving match. No word on how it started -- looked like some trash talking -- but it took coaches and other personnel on the field to break it up.

This is Steelers country. Arrowhead is filled with as many Steelers fans as Chiefs fan. I'm not sure I've ever seen anything like this out here.

Dwayne Bowe's pants fall off. No, really. He caught a 25-yard pass from Tyler Palko on the Chiefs first drive and when he was going down you could see his pants were falling with him. He got up and it looked like his pants weren't buckled.

Steve Maneri is the new Joe Valerio. Maneri was signed earlier in the year but he's been inactive much of the year. With Ryan Lilja out, Maneri is active and he pulled a Joe Valerio, entering the game as an eligible receiver and catching a one-year pass.

Chiefs get the start they want. The Chiefs can't get in a hole early in games so it was important that they picked up a field goal on their first drive of the game. It was highlighted by 15 yards from Jackie Battle and two catches for 34 yards by Bowe. Then they come back on defense and allow the Steelers to cruise down the field behind a 5-of-5 passing attack by Roethlisberger. Facing a second and 8, Roethlisberger handed it off to Mewelde Moore who slipped down the right side of the line and had an unexpected surprise at Tamba Hali came from behind and forced a fumble into the end zone. The Chiefs recover and avoid giving up points. (And then 10 minutes later...they give it right back on a fumble. That's one turnover.)

Suspect call on Brandon Carr. Ben Roethlisberger had plenty of time on a second and 5 from the Chiefs 42-yard line and went deep to Antonio Brown. The pass was incomplete but the refs saw something on Carr and flagged him with pass interference. The Steelers were penalized for holding on the play so the penalties offset but that was close to being a huge play and replays showed Carr hardly touched him. Cris Collinsworth seemed to agree that it was a weak call.

Chris and Joel conversation midway through the first quarter:
Chris: Man, Palko is bad.
Joel: Bad, yes. But not the worst quarterback in history.

Amon Gordon's sack. Wow. Talk about a hard hit. Gordon is 6'2" and weighs over 300 pounds and came crashing into Roethlisberger moving as fast as he moves.

Horrible interception by Tyler Palko. Bring all your arm strength jokes because Palko's first interception was a joke. He underthrew it by, what, 15 yards? The ball was intended for Bowe down the left sideline and Palko wound up but came laughably short and Ike Taylor snatched it up and returned it inside the Chiefs red zone.

Another horrible interception by Palko. If Palko's first interception was horrible, then this one was...well, there aren't words for it. On the run to his left, Palko threw it directly to a Steelers defender. Just incredibly poor, poor decision. The Chiefs can not win with Palko playing like this. There's just no shot.

Love hearing sounds from the field when the refs are talking. When the ref is announcing a penalty and his microphone is on, you can occasionally pick up some audio from the field and on one such occasion you could hear a clear "That's bullshit" from a Pittsburgh player.

Chris and Joel conversation early in the second quarter:
Joel: I take that back.
Chris: Haha.
Joel: He's terrible.

Tweet of the day: From @NEPatriotsDraft after Palko hit Breaston for an 18-yard gain: "Palko's pass intended for Ryan Clark was intercepted by Steve Breaston."

Big Ben lays down a big block. On a first and 10 the snap went to Roethlisberger and then handed off to Antonio Brown, who was looking to throw it as he rolled out to the left. As he was moving outside the pocket, Roethlisberger laid this block on a Chiefs player:

Thoughts at halftime: This seems so familiar to last week's game against the Pats. I felt pretty good at halftime given the score but things went south quickly. It's shaping up to be similar to that this week because the Chiefs offense hasn't done a whole lot and unless you score touchdowns, you're in trouble.

Roethlisberger pulls a Palko. Maybe not that bad but Big Ben did have a pretty bad pick. He was throwing it to Antonio Brown and it was too short so Travis Daniels stepped in and picked it off. Looked like Brandon Flowers was going to pick it up if Daniels didn't.

The fake punt returns. We knew the Chiefs had to take a few chances this game, like they did last week against New England. One of those chances was a fake punt -- and it worked. KC got the first down went the snap went directly to Javier Arenas and he zipped down the right side of the line.

The decision to kick the field goal. The Chiefs were on the Steelers 23-yard line and on a 4th and two decided to kick the field goal. The score was 13-6 at the time. There's been plenty of debate on this decision on Twitter and I was on the side that the Chiefs should have gone for it on fourth down and tried to punch it in there. I didn't think they had a shot at getting that close again. But KC kicked the field goal, the defense held on the next series and the offense was given another chance.

The story of the night is KC's defense. They just keep coming up with huge stops.

Brandon Albert injured late in the game. But he walked off the field so we're hoping everything's OK.

Fitting way for the game to end -- a Tyler Palko interception. Steelers win, 13-9.