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Keary Colbert On His Way Out To Make Room For Kyle Orton

I've been out and about running errands for Ms. Primetime (we're hosting Thanksgiving this year) so I'm just now getting to the news that the Kansas City Chiefs have made the Kyle Orton move official. The Chiefs, holding the ninth spot in the waiver wire, made a claim on Orton and were awarded the former Denver Broncos QB this afternoon.

So the Chiefs have officially announced the move, as expected. They also announced that WR Keary Colbert, originally signed during training camp, was released to make room for Orton.

So the Chiefs depth chart now comes into focus. Does Orton start? If so, when? Is he available for Sunday night against Pittsburgh?

We're looking for the answers to all of those but we won't learn more until the Chiefs practice tomorrow. Whoever is taking first team snaps at practice likely gets the nod and, my guess right now, is that that's Palko. But I've been wrong (plenty of times) before.