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Updating The Chiefs Injury Report After The Patriots Game

The Kansas City Chiefs were a little short-handed in the Monday Night Football loss to the New England Patriots playing without DE Glenn Dorsey and S Jon McGraw and they also lost G Ryan Lilja in the game due to a head/neck injury.

Chiefs coach Todd Haley was asked about the first two, Dorsey and McGraw, on the Chiefs Kingdom Show on 810 WHB Tuesday night.

"I'm hopeful on all of them," Haley said. "Obviously, they all worked as hard as they possibly could to contribute and try to make that outcome different. The thing we felt was, in the best interest of our team was that we tried to give them a better chance to get better so they can help us this week. I'm hopeful."

And Lilja, who suffered a nasty blow from the Patriots' Kyle Love, might have a chance to play as well.

"We'll have to evaluate as we go forward," Haley said of Lilja. "Ryan, probably according to him, would have continued playing. He's a tough, tough guy. He took a heck of a shot in his effort to make a play, covering the interception. I wouldn't put it past Ryan to battle back and be ready to go but we'll have to see moving forward."