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Jay Glazer Hears The Chiefs Could Claim Kyle Orton

My first reaction when a big name is released is usually that the Kansas City Chiefs won't be interested. The Scott Pioli era has shown us that the Chiefs aren't involved in many of the big names that hit the market from week to week.

So, when I looked at the Denver Broncos releasing Kyle Orton, I leaned to the side of the Chiefs not putting a claim in on him because I wasn't sure how much of a help that would be this season with the Chiefs sitting at 4-6.

But someone far more informed around the league than I am thinks KC could be putting a claim in on the former Broncos QB. FOX's Jay Glazer reports via Twitter that he's hearing the Chicago Bears and/or the Chiefs could claim him.

Very interesting. The Chiefs hold the priority over the Bears so they would get him if both teams issued a claim. Picking him up off the waiver wire would cost a little over $1.5 million

This report from Glazer comes a few hours after Todd Haley said the Chiefs are still in it and they'll make any moves they have to in order to get better.

"We are in the mode of doing whatever we can do to win games and stay in this mix because we're in it," Haley said on Monday. "We're by no means out of it if we start playing consistently good football here down the stretch. But right now we haven't done that in the last three weeks. We'll continue to work all of our players, work to be better and keep competition like we've had. And where we feel like we can get better, we'll make any of those moves."