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Broncos Send Kyle Orton Packing

Kyle Orton is done in Denver. 

Officially, at least.

The Denver Broncos waived their backup quarterback on Tuesday, ESPN's Adam Schefter reports. The Orton era was clearly over after Tim Tebow took over and the Broncos going 4-1 under his direction.

Orton has a unique connection to the Chiefs. Way back in February 2009, rumors were swirling that Josh McDaniels, then with the Broncos, wanted to trade for Matt Cassel from the New England Patriots. That trade never happened as the Chiefs, not the Broncos, ended up getting Cassel. So the Broncos acquired Orton after sending Jay Cutler to Orton's former team, Chicago.

Now for the inevitable question: Should the Chiefs take a peek at Orton? I see how it could make sense but I'm not sure that really solves anything for the Chiefs. Orton's not the future so you would bring him in, teach him the offense and hope he can do what, exactly, for the final six weeks of the season?

What do you think?