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Five Questions After KC Chiefs Lose Third Straight Game

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Five questions I'm thinking about after the New England Patriots beat the Kansas City Chiefs, 34-3, on Monday Night Football....

Why is the Chiefs offense broken? This isn't totally on Tyler Palko. He's played one game and Matt Cassel's played nine games, yet the Chiefs offense is ranked near the bottom of the league. The Chiefs have scored 16 points in the last three games combined and 26 combined in half their games. The emphasis in the last year has been on the offense by bringing in guys like Steve Breaston and Jonathan Baldwin, which is why it's even more disappointing that the Chiefs offense can perform so poorly. Even in a 28-0 victory over Oakland, the Chiefs offense was responsible for two touchdowns. Even in the Monday night victory over San Diego, the Chiefs offense wasn't great by any stretch. That's a lot of games where the offense has just been bad. I think the quarterback has a lot to do with that but so does the offensive line. There are individuals to single out but your offense doesn't play like this without multiple failures.
How ugly can this thing get? The Chiefs, 4-6, have surprised us before but the schedule says this could get ugly. After New England, the Chiefs host Pittsburgh, travel to Chicago and then onto New York. Those are all very good defenses so the Chiefs offense will continue be tested. After those games, it's unbeaten Green Bay and then Oakland and Denver. We know the Chiefs have the ability to steal a couple games there but, after the last three weeks, would you bet on that happening?

Why do the Chiefs get blown out so often? 34, 45, 28, 31. All Chiefs margin of losses this year. I may not agree with it but I can understand the excuses for the first two games after losing Eric Berry and Jamaal Charles. But in Week 9 and Week 11, the heart of the Chiefs season, they were beaten by Miami by 28 points and New England by 31 points. That tells me the early blowouts weren't all because of the injuries. I think the blowouts have to fall on the coaching staff. NFL games don't get that lopsided unless you have a bad game plan, or a bad week of preparation, or a bad something. The Chiefs have been blown out by 20 or more points four times in each year of the Todd Haley era so this isn't necessarily new.

How far are the Chiefs from being an annual playoff contender? A long way. I'm not even sure what that would look like. The Chiefs are inconsistent, the offense has a tendency to lay an egg and the defense has given up 30 or more points in four of the Chiefs 10 games. I see some individual pieces there -- Dwayne Bowe, Steve Breaston, Derrick Johnson, Tamba Hali, etc. -- but as a team the Chiefs are way too inconsistent to even be close to the league's top teams.

Is Todd Haley's job in trouble? I never understood how firing a head coach mid-season makes the team better so, in my opinion, Haley's safe for the year. I think a lot of his future depends on these final six games. If he loses out, which is a possibility, then it's hard to envision a scenario where he comes back. But if he wins a few, and the team shows improvement, there are arguments that he's the best man for the job. Basically, Haley's status is TBD.