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Patriots Beat Chiefs: Five Bad Stats

The Kansas City Chiefs lost to the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football, 34-3, and it wasn't pretty at times. The Chiefs were competitive in the first half but the Patriots showed why they're significantly better than the Chiefs scoring 24 points in about ten minutes.

Along the way, the Chiefs came up with more than a few bad stats. That generally happens when you have a team who has scored a whopping 16 points in three weeks. 

Five bad stats...

3. Interceptions thrown by Tyler Palko. His solid completion percentage is all for naught with three picks. The Chiefs usually can't win going minus-one in the turnover margin, let alone minus-two. The worst part is that all three of those picks came on New England's side of the field. They only resulted in two Patriots field goals but they eliminated chances for KC to score (points they desperately needed).

140. Receiving yards from the Patriots tight ends. We knew this would be a problem entering the game yet they were among the biggest reasons for the Chiefs loss. The Chiefs defense did some good things but allowing Rob Gronkowski to pick up 96 yards, including that 52-yard touchdown, hurt a lot. Not to mention Gronk's second receiving touchdown.

9:57. Time it took the Patriots to win the game. From the end of the second quarter to the start of the third quarter, the Patriots put up 24 points. That's when the game was essentially over and the Chiefs no longer stood a realistic chance of making it competitive. 

1. Holding call on Leonard Pope. The biggest play of the game, when things really turned around, came with about nine and a half minutes left in the second quarter and the Chiefs facing a third and 11 at the New England 45 and KC nursing a 3-0 lead. Pope is called for a holding call as Thomas Jones scampered 14 yards for the first down. It's brought back, KC punts and Tom Brady hits Rob Gronkowski for six on the next possession.

0. Touchdowns for the Chiefs offense. You knew they couldn't settle for field goals in this game. They had a first and goal from the Patriots five yard line and came away with three points, their only points of the game. They turned it over three times in Patriots territory. They didn't go for it on a fourth and 1 from the Patriots 36-yard line. The Chiefs needed touchdowns and they came close only once.