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Chiefs Vs. Patriots: New England Finally Strikes

The Kansas City Chiefs' flirtation with the lead was nice. It's 10-3 in favor of the New England Patriots at halftime. The good news for the Chiefs is that the defense is playing very well, not only holding the Patriots to 10 points but also forcing a turnover and another fumble. 

Here are some notes on the game, starting at the end of the first quarter:

Wallace Gilberry forced a Tom Brady fumble. Chiefs recover. 

Palko to Bowe. 28-yards. Great pass and adjustment by Dwayne Bowe. More no huddle....

The Chiefs' drive ended however on a number of miscues by Tyler Palko - a sack and a high pass. 

Tamba Hali's pass rush is downright nasty. Hali sacked Brady within the five-yard line. Third sack of the day by the Chiefs. 

Tyler Palko continues to throw the ball high. A long, first down run by Thomas Jones was negated by a second Leonard Pope penalty. 

The Chiefs' defense was looking great until Tom Brady hit a wide open Rob Gronkowski for a long, long touchdown. The Chiefs' defense blew the coverage. 

A Tyler Palko interception gives the Patriots great field position. The ball was behind Steve Breaston across the middle of the field. 

Derrick Johnson's strip of Danny Woodhead near the goal line forced the Patriots to kick the field goal. DJ's strip really did save a touchdown. 

Halftime reactions?