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Monday Night Football Crew Can't Explain Patriots No-Huddle Offense

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We've been following the reports coming out of the Boston area on the New England Patriots this week and one of the topics that keeps coming up is Tom Brady and the no-huddle offense. How do they do it so well? Does the offense tire out from it? When do they choose to break it out?

Patriots players and coaches have been talking about it all week but the guys who will call the game for ESPN on Monday Night Football are having trouble explaining how good Brady and Co. are at running the no-huddle. ESPN's Ron Jaworski spoke with the Boston Herald this week and said he and the announcing crew can't give the Pats no-huddle justice.

"This comes up every time we have the Patriots. We are never able to do it justice," Jaworski told the Herald Friday. "How they are able to get their players on the field. How they're able to create those matchups. And how the defense can't do a thing about it. It's something that takes an inordinate amount of time to explain and really show how it all operates. ‘OK watch this guy, he runs off. Now this guy runs on.' We've tried. And we talk about it all the time. They do an amazing job with it. Sometimes our explanations just don't do it justice, how good they do it."    

Check out the full story at the Boston Herald but suffice to say this is an issue the Chiefs need to be aware of (and I'm sure they are). 

This is one of those things that could really affect the entire game. First, it doesn't allow the Chiefs to substitute players which A.) keeps them tired and B.) doesn't allow them to get the packages and matchups they want in there. Second, it keeps the momentum away from the Chiefs offense, which is something they absolutely have to have, especially early in the game. Third, it creates the possibility of turning this game into a shootout, which is a situation in which the Chiefs certainly can't beat the Patriots.

It's just one more reason the Chiefs are heavy underdogs agains the Patriots.