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Patriots' Tom Brady Dealing With A Minor Injury

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Tom Brady's name doesn't appear anywhere on the New England Patriots injury report but he is playing with a minor injury, according to Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe. Brady has a bone bruise in his right arm near his elbow ever since he was hit in a game against the Dallas Cowboys about a month ago.

Bedard talks to an athletic trainer who says the injury is "definitely manageable" and also reports that Brady's been wearing a black band under the elbow.

"It could affect his release because the triceps tendon attaches right there, you have all your forearm muscles there, your extensors and flexors to hold a football. If you get a bone bruise, he'd accommodate his release a little bit to accommodate the bone bruise. Sometimes you wear the band because it feels good, and if it feels good, you're going to play better.''

The bottomline is that he's been playing with this and he's still been playing quite well. So there's no reason to think this will have an affect on the game.

It's Game Time.

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