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NFL Power Rankings Week 11: Arrowhead Pride Edition

DETROIT, MI - SEPTEMBER 18: Le'Ron McClain #44 of the Kansas City Chiefs runs with the ball as Ndamukong Suh #90 of the Detroit Lions chases at Ford Field on September 18, 2011 in Detroit, Michigan.  (Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images)
DETROIT, MI - SEPTEMBER 18: Le'Ron McClain #44 of the Kansas City Chiefs runs with the ball as Ndamukong Suh #90 of the Detroit Lions chases at Ford Field on September 18, 2011 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Welcome to another week of power rankings!  I am a bit late on getting these to you but at least you will have something to read while the games play today.  There really hasn't been many changes and the teams have stayed pretty consistent over the last few weeks.

The Chiefs dropped 3 from last week and the schedule doesn't get any easier.  The sad thing is that every team in the AFC West is ahead of the Chiefs at this point.  If you want to know exactly where the Chiefs fell then please follow along...

One of the panel members didn't get their rankings in.  So to get an even number and make my life easier I used Joel's rankings from this week.  You can find his rankings if you click on this link NFL Power Rankings Week 11.  The biggest jump this week is owned by the Seahawks and Cardinals with 6.  The biggest fall this week is owned by the Vikings and Redskins with 6.  There were five teams that stayed in the same spot as last week.

The Chiefs fall in 22nd with a 3 spot drop from last week.  The highest ranking given to them was a 20.  The lowest ranking given to them was a 27 by two panel members.  There was only one tie this week between the Falcons and Jets.  The Falcons edged out to be the more consistently ranked team.  As always I put the record of the team next to their name.  I also put their change from the week before. I'm not sure if something happened to the document but the panel member who didn't get the rankings in did however got his blurb in for the NFC South.  I'm sorry wustl if something went wrong.

*Disclaimer:  These rankings were done before the Thursday Night game.

1.  Green Bay Packers (9-0) (+/- 0)

They are poised to make a run at history like the '72 Dolphins. Will Rodgers continue his play and potential have one  of the greatest seasons ever by a QB?

2.  San Francisco 49ers (8-1) (+/- 0)

San Fransisco's latest victory may have been their most impressive of the season.  It's getting harder and harder to argue against them as the best team in the NFL outside of the Packers.

3.  New Orleans Saints (7-3) (+ 3)

They now have a game and a half lead over Atlanta. They should win the division.

4.  Pittsburgh Steelers (7-3) (+ 1)

Anyone who thought there would be a post-Super Bowl dropoff for Pittsburgh needs to re-evaluate their position on these Steelers. We will have a few weeks to think about a possible rematch of Super Bowl 45 only one year later.

5.  Houston Texans (7-3) (+ 4)

No Schaub?  Could be an issue for the best team in the division moving forward ... injuries have taken a toll and now they have a SoCal QB, and we know how those guys are.

6.  New England Patriots (6-3) (- 2)

The Patriots now have the easiest schedule going forward.  If they take care of the rest of their games they will win the division with ease.  They however need to fix their defense before the playoffs.

7.  New York Giants (6-3) (+ 2)

Heartbreaking loss in San Fran, a game the G-Men could've and should've won. They're still on the top of the heap in the NFCE but the Cowboys are coming and are going to be hard to hold off.

8.  Baltimore Ravens (6-3) (- 5)

The Baltimore Ravens have looked like a team poised to fall apart against a weaker opponent all season long. The Ravens three loses have been to the Titans, Jaguars, and Seahawks. Does anyone else think that the Ravens play down to their opponent's level?

9.  Chicago Bears (6-3) (+ 2)

Since the Bears went back to running the ball and playing defense, they looked poised to make a serious run at one of the 2 wild card slots in the NFC.

10.  Cincinnati Bengals (6-3) (- 2)

The Bengals could have taken control of the AFC North by beating the Steelers. However, these baby tigers should be proud of themselves, and I mean no disrespect by the word "baby". This young team should be proud of themselves because they were in the game until the very end, and still have a very realistic chance of making the playoffs.

11.  Detroit Lions (6-3) (- 4)

Well, I guess that answers who is the second best team in the NFC North. After the beatdown in the Windy City it just got a lot tougher for them to make a run at a wildcard spot.

12.  Dallas Cowboys (5-4) (+ 3)

The only team that is in a better position to make the playoffs then the 'Boys are the Packers. Dallas has a cupcake schedule the rest of the way with only two matchups against NYG in the way of a divisional title.

13.  Atlanta Falcons (5-4) (+ 1)

Mike Smith is getting criticized for making the right call, which shows how much the "experts" know.

14.  New York Jets (5-4) (+/- 0)

The Jets are in a tough spot and will have to almost run the table to make the playoffs.

15.  Oakland Raiders (5-4) (+ 3)

Oakland all of a sudden is the clear favorite in the AFC West.

16.  Buffalo Bills (5-4) (- 4)

The Bills are much like the Jets.  They will have to win just about every remaining game to make the playoffs.  I honestly don't see that happening.

17.  Tennessee Titans (5-4) (+ 1)

Will Titans be able to take advantage of the Texans having so many injuries?  Doubtful, but we shall see what happens ... a weak division that has yet to be decided.

18.  San Diego Chargers (4-5) (- 1)

San Diego faces a must-win in Chicago. Good luck.

19.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-5) (- 3)

Their playoff hopes look dim after getting blown out by Houston.

20.  Denver Broncos (4-5) (+ 4)

Tim Tebow.

21.  Philadelphia Eagles (3-6) (- 2)

As Chiefs fans if you want a positive spin on the season then at least you can say "At least I'm not an Eagles fan". Absolutely mind-bottling how this team is so bad.

22.  Kansas City Chiefs (4-5) (- 3)

What is left to say? Tyler Palko.

23.  Seattle Seahawks (3-6) (+ 6)

The much maligned NFC West went 4-0 in their games this weekend, and Seattle's win over the Ravens was probably the biggest surprise of them all.

24.  Arizona Cardinals (3-6) (+ 6)

Ken Wisenhunt seems adamant that there isn't a quarterback controversy brewing on his team.  But John Skelton has played enough better than Kevin Kolb over the last few games to raise the question - why not?

25.  Jacksonville Jaguars (3-6) (+ 2)

Gabbert wins a game!  Wow, seriously this team needs a lot of help on both sides of the ball.

26.  Carolina Panthers (2-7) (- 3)

If only they had a defense, they'd be a real good team.

27.  Miami Dolphins (2-7) (+ 4)

I stated after the Chiefs game that the Dolphins would win more than 4 games this season.  They are heading in the right direction.

28.  Washington Redskins (3-6) (- 6)

After a strong start the Redskins keep sliding further week after week. Unfortunately it's not going to get any better this weekend in Dallas.

29.  Cleveland Browns (3-6) (- 4)

Words of wisdom from the Real "Colt" McCoy: "We should have won -- more than once. You kind of scratch your head and wonder,  'Where is all this bad luck coming from? Why?'"

30.  Minnesota Vikings (2-7) (- 6)

Well, that was ugly. They have a tough test this week as Oakland comes to town.

31.  St. Louis Rams (2-7) (+/- 0)

Sunday's game wasn't pretty.  Some would argue that the Browns really lost the game more than the Rams won it.  But it still counts.

32.  Indianapolis Colts (0-10) (+/- 0)

It just doesn't get much uglier, the good news is the Colts now have a 2 game lead for the first pick of the 2012 draft.