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More From Todd Haley On The Philip Rivers Fumble

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We've already touched on Philip Rivers fumble at Arrowhead from the players perspective and if you've been listening to the four letter network then you know they talked about it again and again on Monday night and into Tuesday morning.

Chiefs coach Todd Haley talked about his perspective on the fumble and again with Adam Schein and Rich Gannon in his weekly Wednesday morning spot on SiriusXM NFL.

"Just before that I heard a bunch of guys on the sidelines yelling, 'Don't give up! Make something happen!' so everybody was feeling pretty positive," Haley told Schein and Gannon.

"I had just walked down and talked to Jared Gaither, our extra tall inside field goal block guy, and said, "You're going to block this kick now you know that?'  By the time I got back to the line of scrimmage, that's about when it was occurring. I actually got to see Andy wrench that out of everyone's hands. He just wanted it, and got it. That was just a great, great feeling."

I would say this is the last time we'll talk about the fumble but, let's be honest, it's going to come up again (and again).