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Any Chiefs Taking In Midseason Awards?

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We're between Week 8 and 9 in the 2011 NFL season so we'll be seeing more midseason awards type of stuff coming out. Peter King of has a midseason all-pro list up and there are a couple of Chiefs-related picks in there.

First, he has Brian Waters on his midseason all-pro list. The Chiefs released Waters before the season and he didn't sign with the New England Patriots until about a week before the season started. King says he's playing better than last year's Pro Bowl season with the Chiefs.

Second, Derrick Johnson didn't make his list. He notes that it was a tough call at inside linebacker as he could've picked DJ, Patrick Willis or the guy who he did pick, NaVorro Bowman

I could see Brandon Flowers or Dwayne Bowe entering the conversation at some point but there's so much competition at those two positions this year (especially receiver). 

Check out a few other potential Chiefs for awards season.