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Which Division Is The Best In The NFL?

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We're doing some halfway point stuff around SB Nation about the playoff picture, midseason MVP, rookie of the year, etc and this question came up: which division is the best in football?

I broke it down into a couple categories:

Contenders: AFC East, AFC North, NFC North and NFC South.

Everyone else: AFC South, AFC West, NFC East and NFC West.

I think I'm going with the AFC North as the best division in football. From top to bottom, I think this is the best division in football. Even the Cleveland Browns in last place are a 3-4 team that's not an easy out. The Steelers and Ravens are both top 7 or 8 teams while the Bengals are surprising everyone with a whopping 5-2 record. Three playoff teams from the AFC North? Unlikely but not unheard of.

Who ya got as the best division in football?