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Chiefs Vs. Patriots: Starting Fast Takes On Added Importance For KC

I ran into a currently-out-of-work NFL player earlier this week and we got to talking about the Kansas City Chiefs and rookie first-time starter Tyler Palko on Monday night against the New England Patriots. I asked the him if there's any sort of secret to rattling an inexperienced quarterback early in the game.

The answer was basically that the tone of the game will be set within the first drive or two. That's what a lot of this comes down to -- those first couple drives. Inexperienced guys don't always have the resolve to bounce back from in-game adversity and putting that much trust in the offensive line that they won't get killed by the 6'3", 265-pound linebacker that's already hit him a couple times isn't the easiest thing to handle.

Tedy Bruschi, former Patriots player, talked with Mike Reiss of ESPN Boston this week and Bruschi had a similar message for defending a backup quarterback -- make sure they realize there's no hope.

"It can be [tempting to relax], but what you want to do defensively, early on, is send the message that there is no hope," Bruschi said. "Get a couple early three-and-outs. Maybe an early interception. Sometimes, if you give those backup quarterbacks a little bit of life early, it can snowball into something where they're more confident to take some chances."

Starting fast is one of those keys of the week, every week. The Chiefs can't play from behind so they have to start fast. With Palko starting, starting fast on Monday night becomes even more important. The Chiefs have to keep his confidence up.