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Chiefs Vs. Patriots: Hopefully Tyler Palko Has Some Matt Flynn In Him

This idea of an inexperienced rookie quarterback going into Gillette Stadium in primetime to face the New England Patriots isn't a new story. We've heard this one before -- Week 15, 2010 season, Packers at Patriots. Aaron Rodgers was out with his second concussion and backup Matt Flynn stepped in the game, his first start coming on Sunday Night Football at New England.

If we were ever looking for a role model for Tyler Palko, then Flynn is it. In that game, he completed 24-of-37 passes (64.9 percent), 251 yards, three touchdowns and one interception. The Packers lost the game but not by much -- 31-27. Flynn gave them a chance to be competitive, which I think is all you can ask of your backup quarterback.

The New England media has every angle of this game covered so they've already asked Bill Belichick about the Matt Flynn game last season. 

"I think Green Bay ran their offense," Belichick said. "Again, it was later in the week; it was kind of an iffy situation going into the last couple of days before the game. I'm sure whatever game plan they had in they would have run with whichever quarterback they had, maybe other than a couple of plays or a couple of specific calls.

"I don't expect a dramatic change in what Kansas City can do. I don't what they'll choose to do but I don't see any reason why he can't do the things that they would need a quarterback to do."

Everyone keeps saying KC won't change much with Palko in there and if Flynn's the model maybe they shouldn't. Three more days to find out...