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Chiefs Say About 20,000 Season Tickets Getting Cheaper Next Year

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Good news, season ticket holders. The Kansas City Chiefs will not raise season ticket prices for any non-premium seat moving into next season and a number of the season ticket prices will be decreasing. Chiefs president Mark Donovan has been making the media rounds talking with Josh Looney on the Chiefs website and Kevin Kietzmann on 810 WHB about the Chiefs season ticket pricing plans next year.

Donovan said they look at season ticket prices each year beginning in August and September to determine how they need to attack things moving forward. He says two of the big keys this year were A.) "make sure we're pricing the building correctly" and B.) "to make sure we continue to reward season ticket holders for being season ticket holders."
On that first point, Donovan announced that all of the non-premium seats -- upper or lower level -- are staying the same or going down in price. 20,000 seats, about 30 percent of the stadium, will decrease in price. The sideline seats, Donovan said on the various media outlets, were about 90 percent sold so it's the end zone they're really working on. This is a good move because, looking at the stadium on gameday, the endzones are obviously the section in most need of an "adjustment".

On that second point, the Chiefs are hosting what they're calling 30 prizes in 30 days. For those that renew their season tickets before Dec. 18 (and even those that renew leading into January), they'll be entered into a drawing for a bunch of different prizes -- pair of Super Bowl tickets, trip to the Pro Bowl, gift cards to be used in the stadium, etc. 

Good to see the Chiefs are responding to the market. Arrowhead Stadium has been over 70,000 in paid attendance in all but one regular season game this year (home opener vs. Buffalo), which is a clear increase from their numbers the past few years.

Donovan didn't bring this up specifically but surely he knows that perhaps the biggest competition the Chiefs face in terms of season ticket sales is my living room with my flat screen HD TV. There are positives to being in attendance at the game -- tailgating, atmosphere, etc, which Donovan says is a priority for them -- but we also have to recognize that there are plenty of positives about staying home and watching it on your own TV, with your own food and drink, with the ability to watch any other game you want and with the ability to track your fantasy team...and do it all on the couch in your sweatpants.

That said, we need enough folks in the stadium to get Marcus McNeill to earn a false start three times in one game again.