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NFL Odds On Tyler Palko's Stats In First Start

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Of course there are odds on Tyler Palko's first NFL start. Of course. released a bunch odds on the stats the Kansas City Chiefs QB will have on Monday night against the New England Patriots and they're actually not that bad.

If they're correct, Palko will finish with 235.5 passing yards, 1.5 touchdowns, .5 interceptions and 20.5 completions.

I think I'd be OK with that performance. I'm not expecting the world but as long as he can move the ball (somewhat) and avoid turnovers, I can't have a ton of complains.

Full odds are posted after the jump.

Total Passing Yards - Tyler Palko (KC)

Over/Under                    235½

Total TD Passes - Tyler Palko (KC)       

Over                              1½ (+145)

Under                            1½  (-175)

Total Interceptions - Tyler Palko (KC)   

Over                              ½ (-200)

Under                            ½ (+160)

Total Completions - Tyler Palko (KC)    

Over/Under                    20½