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Wes Welker Is At An 'Unbelievable Level Right Now', Chiefs' Todd Haley Says

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The Kansas City Chiefs defense has quite the chore on Monday Night Football facing the New England Patriots and the third ranked offense in the league. Chiefs coach Todd Haley used part of his Wednesday press conference to talk about the Patriots offense and, as you could expect, the former receivers coach likes what Wes Welker is doing.

"Wes Welker, one of [Tom Brady's] go-to guys, is playing at just an unbelievable level right now, something that I haven't seen, somebody get over 1,000 yards as quick as he is," Haley said (video via "His toughness, his run after catch, his feel, his ability to beat coverage no matter how people are playing."

The worst part about the Pats offense? Welker is just one of the guys you have to stop.
Combined, the two tight ends have topped Welker's production this season. Aaron Hernandez averages over 10 yards a catch and has five touchdowns this season while Rob Gronkowski has pulled down eight touchdowns and over 700 yards receiving.

"These newcomer tight ends in Gronkowski and Hernandez are both really talented guys in different ways," Haley said. "Gronkowski, obviously the quarterback trusts him and throws it to him regardless of whether he's covered or not and Gronkowski generally finds a way to come down with the ball. Just phenomenal ability to use his body and make plays in the field and the red area. Hernandez, an extremely talented tight end that they treat as much as anything as a receiver, moving him around to make plays. "

With Eric Berry out, one of the Chiefs weaknesses right now is safety, which makes me think covering the tight ends might be a bigger key to this game than containing Welker.