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Todd Haley, Tyler Palko On The Chiefs Offense Vs. Patriots Defense

The Kansas City Chiefs are getting together today for the first of four days of practice before facing the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football and we all know what the story line is this week: \

Matt Cassel is injured and Tyler Palko is making his first start.

So these next four days of practice are especially important. You have a new quarterback -- a left handed quarterback at that -- and less than a week to get the offense ready for it. Chiefs coach Todd Haley told New England reporters on Wednesday's conference call that he doesn't expect to make many changes to the offense just because it's Palko and not Cassel.

"I don't know [that you change the offense], dramatically," Haley said. "Obviously we have a lefty so some things are going to change but Tyler's a drop back quarterback much like Matt, similar skill set. So I don't think we can dramatically make a whole bunch of adjustments other than little tweaks here and there."

Haley was on SiriusXM NFL Radio Wednesday morning and said Palko spent much of Tuesday at the Chiefs facility So long that Kurt Warner texted late joking with him that he needs to let Palko leave. (Haley said he wasn't forcing Palko to be there, for what it's worth.)

For Palko's part, he made it pretty clear as to why he needs the extra time this week in his conference call with New England reporters.

"Coach Belichick has proven he's a defensive genius," Palko said, "and I wouldn't expect anything else. I'm sure he's not feeling sorry for himself just because he has some guys [injured]. He's got an untested quarterback and I'm sure he's not going to take it easy on me."