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Figuring Out How To Beat The Patriots

How do you stop the Kansas City Chiefs?

I think that answer is pretty obvious but WEEI, a Boston sports talk radio station, talked to an anonymous AFC scout and came away with five keys to stopping the Chiefs. Check out the story here -- the pass rush, running game, receivers and quarterback are all included.

Playing off of those keys to stopping the Chiefs, here's a list of things I think KC needs to do on Monday night besides, you know, scoring more points than the Patriots.

(Note: Field Yates will be along on Friday to give a much more detailed look at the keys to the game for the Chiefs.)

First, the Chiefs can not turn it over. They just can't. Even one turnover, and I think they're done. The Patriots offense is just too good to give them a short field so KC needs to control the field position in this game.

Second, the Chiefs have to be able to run the ball consistently. I suspect the Patriots defense will put stopping the run as a priority, and make Tyler Palko beat them, but KC has to be able to rush the ball. Not only is that probably the safest (i.e. no turnovers) way to move the ball, it also slows the game down. Get into a shootout with the Patriots, and it's over.

Third, and this one plays off the second key, the Chiefs have to keep the Patriots defense honest. Don't let them load up the box to stop the run all day. For this, I'm lookin' at you Dwayne Bowe and Jonathan Baldwin. Even hitting on one or two shots down the field would help this.

And finally I think the biggest key to this game really comes down to the Chiefs ability to rush the passer. If you give New England Patriots QB Tom Brady enough time, he has clearly demonstrated over the last decade that he'll make you pay. The Chiefs pass rush, which has been missing often this season, needs to have its best game of the year.