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Revisiting The 'Fleece Job' That Was The Matt Cassel Trade

At the end of February as free agency was starting, word came out that the Kansas City Chiefs, now under GM Scott Pioli's control, had traded for LB Mike Vrabel. A few hours later, news started coming out on more details of the trade -- QB Matt Cassel was included.

It ended up being Vrabel and Cassel for the Chiefs second round pick (which turned into S Patrick Chung). Chiefs fans were, for the most part, happy about the trade considering the price tag. We had a 91 percent approval rating  in a poll posted shortly after the trade was completed. Patriots fans, on the other hand, didn't think it was a very good trade.

Josh Looney of had Mike Reiss of on Chiefs Live! this week and asked him about the reaction to the trade back in New England.

"They were disappointed," Reiss said of the fans' reaction to sending Cassel and Vrabel to KC for a second round pick. "They had visions of maybe a first round pick, multiple firsts. They were disappointed it was only a second round pick and Mike Vrabel, one of the great Patriots of the last decade of the championship run, was included in the trade. They thought it was a fleece job.

"Of course, what happened, I don't think a market developed like the Patriots thought it would and they took the best offer. Looking back at the trade, I think a lot of people were disappointed.

"They were happy in one sense to draft a player in the seventh round and work with him, develop him and turn that into a second round. I think people thought they were going to get more out of it. That's another story line we can touch on this week leading up to the game -- that pick turned out to be safety Patrick Chung,

"So if you could do it all over again, Cassel and Vrabel for Chung, how do you like that exchange? I think they're pleased with Chung but he's still a developing player."

Obviously things have changed over the years and our view of the trade is probably different these days but it's interesting to go back to that day and remember thinking that the Chiefs got a hell of a deal.