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The Kansas City Chiefs Struggles Continue

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Well the Kansas City Chiefs struggle again--to another difficult-to-swallow loss.  There's just not that much to say about it, really.  I'm sure that others have capitalized on the opportunity to talk about what is wrong with the team, so what's the point of continuing that? This team is so unpredictable that you just don't know what is going to happen week in and week out.  How can you classify what we are seeing on the field from these guys?  

The last couple of weeks have exposed an offensive line that is either playing injured or not capable of adjusting to what the opposing defense is sending their way.  Matt Cassel sucks? How would we know?  He hasn't done much the last couple of weeks but spend most of his time hauling his carcass off the turf after having been smacked in the mouth by those opposing defenses. Now they finally let the worst possible scenario happen--Cassel went out of the game with an injury late in the fourth quarter.  

Now, if Cassel can't go, we'll be looking at something that we haven's seen since Cassel had his appendix removed.  If ya'll remember that game, I think you will recall that it didn't go very well.  No, not very well at all.  

What do we have to look forward to now?  Well, if you will stop cursing the football Gods for our misfortune for a couple of minutes, I'll give you something to think about.

I know that everyone is very disappointed in this loss and you can include me in that group.  Yes, that's right, the kool-aid drinker extraordinaire is feeling a bit down trodden at the moment. This Denver game was a big one for this team and the loss is hard to swallow. The fact that the defense couldn't come up with a way to stop an offense that was as one dimensional as Denver's is not the least of the objections I have to what went on at Arrowhead last week. I mean, come on now, they were running the option play? AND the Chiefs couldn't stop it?  What in the world is going on?

This team really is very similar to that 1989 Steelers team that Haley used as an example to motivate the team early on.  Win, loss, win, loss back and forth, to and fro.  It just doesn't seem to make much sense but there it is.  With a team that keeps everything in house like this one, there is simply no way of knowing what is going on.  All we have is conjecture, and conjecture sure isn't much salve to put on wounds like the ones that many Chiefs fans are feeling right now. Unfortunately, it's all we got.

So, how do we look forward with any hope at all?  The only way I see it is that we have to realize where we stand and look at the possibilities going forward from here.  Yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery--buck up Chiefs fans because this has all happened before and believe it or not there have been some (sort of) happy endings.  Tyler Palko could just end up being related to the last Tyler that wore a Chiefs jersey.  His last name was Thigpen.

The 1989 Pittsburg Steelers were very similar to what the Chiefs have done so far this season.  They were unpredictable as hell but they didn't lose their heads.  They continued to go out and play with conviction no matter how bad the future seemed at the moment.  They were able to make it to the playoffs with a guy named Bubby Brister at the helm. If I'm not mistaken, Brister was injured during that season as well. I think it would be difficult to make an argument that Bubby was all-world, yet he was a tough competitor that wasn't ready to pack it in in the face of adversity. I think these Chiefs are just like that attitude and I don't believe that they will quit.

Where were those Steelers after nine games?  Right where the Chiefs are now at 4-5.  What happened then?  The Steelers lost another one and went to 4-6.  Where are the Chiefs headed?  Into the sausage grinder called Gillette Stadium and they're going without their starting QB.  The saving grace here is that the Patriots defense is dead last in the NFL in yards given up per game at 416 yards per game.  The trouble is that the Chiefs need everybody they have in order to even have a shot at gaining those yards that the Pats are so generously giving.  I don't think many are giving much hope that the Chiefs can come out with a win next week, but ya know what? The fact that the Patriots defense simply won't know what to expect will give this Chiefs team a tiny edge.

If the Chiefs do indeed go on to lose next week, that would make them 4-6 after 10 games.  Exactly where those '89 Steelers were all those years ago.  That team went on to make the playoffs and win their first playoff game.  Who knows were the Chiefs will wind up this year?  One thing we know for certain is that we can not predict what this team is going to do on any Given Sunday, especially now.  In 2001 a backup QB in New England came in to take over for the veteran who went down with injury.  His name was Tom Brady.  You simply never know what can happen week in and week out in the NFL.  Keep your chins up Chiefs nation.  The fat lady hasn't even cleared her throat yet.