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Caleb Campbell Joins The Kansas City Chiefs

Last week we caught wind of the Kansas City Chiefs working out a couple of linebackers, including LB Caleb Campbell, an Army man. Today, the Chiefs signed Campbell to the practice squad. The open spot on the practice squad comes from the St. Louis Rams plucking LB Justin Cole earlier this week.

Campbell has an incredibly unique story, which his detailed by the Lions official site:

He was set to sign a rookie contract and pursue a career in professional football under the U.S. Military's "Alternative Service Option", which at the time was interpreted by the U.S. Army to include participation in professional sports. On the eve of training camp, July 22, 2008, Campbell was informed of revisions to the interpretation and that he had to serve two years of active duty before pursuing a career in the NFL. Shortly after returning to the Army, he was able to begin training as a "push athlete" with the U.S. Bobsled team.    

And two years later, Campbell was back in the NFL as an undrafted free agent with the Lions. He's moved around a little bit since then, including a stop in Indy, and now he's in KC on the practice squad.