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Larry Fitzgerald Weighs In On Tyler Palko As The Chiefs New QB

All-Pro receiver Larry Fitzgerald now has two major connections to the Kansas City Chiefs. The first one is Todd Haley, the Chiefs coach who was Fitzgerald's offensive coordinator with the Arizona Cardinals.

And now Tyler Palko, his former teammate at the University of Pittsburgh.

Fitzgerald joined Nick Wright's show on 610 Sports this week to talk about Palko, and what Chiefs fans can expect.  

(Side note: Twitter is awesome. Wright tweeted at Fitz to come on the show and within minutes, there he was talking about Palko.)

"Tyler, to be honest with you he's a close friend," Fitzgerald told Wright, "but I've never been around anyone as dedicated to the game of football as he is. The sacrifices he's made, the things he will do to be the best...I know he's been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. I know this is not the way he wanted to get it seeing his good friend Matt go down with injury but that's the business we're in and I know he's going to seize the moment."

Fitzgerald said he wishes he could be in Kansas City New England on Monday night to support him. (And I wish he could be there as a Chiefs uniform.)

"I talked to him and I'm probably more excited for him than he is for an opportunity," Fitzgerald said. "I know he's going to be studying, watching film and preparing all he can. I can't wait. I wish I could be there to support him as a friend to see him get his opportunity. I know he's ready, he's prepared his whole life for this.

"I remember meeting him as a 17-year old kid going to the University of Pittsburgh and dreaming and aspiring to be on the big stage. Now he's finally getting his opportunity and I can't even imagine how excited he is."

Chiefs fans are excited as well.

And nervous.

And probably a little scared.