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Bill Belichick On Preparing For Tyler Palko And Not Matt Cassel

The New England Patriots will host the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday Night Football next week and the Patriots preparation for that game changes dramatically with Tyler Palko starting in place of Matt Cassel.

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick joined WEEI's The Big Show with Glenn Ordway and Michael Holley (author of "War Room") on Monday and talked about the upcoming game against the Chiefs.

"We're going to have to do a little more work on Tyler," Belichick said. "Obviously we know Matt Cassel well from the four years we had him here, and even seeing him last January at the Pro Bowl. But Palko and Stanzi, we're going to have spend some more time on.

"We haven't played the Chiefs in a while. We really don't get to see a lot of them on tape. We're going to have to work not only on the quarterbacks but on all their players and start to get more familiar with them.

"They're kind of the opposite of the Jets...the Jets, we know everybody, played against them and know them inside and out, and have had multiple looks at them against us or other competition. Kansas City's a team that, like the Giants, like Oakland, like Dallas, that it's been a few years since we've played them and we're in a whole different process."

I guess that's one positive of Palko starting -- that there's no tape on him.

The Chiefs and Patriots last played in the 2008 season opener, a game the Chiefs lost, and, if I remember correctly, nothing of note happened in that game, right?