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Matt Cassel's Injury Is Significant, Could Be Season-Ending

Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel suffered some sort of hand injury in Sunday's loss to the Denver Broncos and it sounds like it's more serious than we originally thought.

Chiefs coach Todd Haley said on Monday (via @KentBabb) that Cassel's injury is "significant" and he will likely require surgery on it. Even more of a bombshell, Haley said Cassel's season could be over as a result of the injury.

Uh....yeah. This isn't good. The fact that the Chiefs are even giving details like this isn't a good sign. Nothing is confirmed yet, which should be noted. But the situation doesn't look good right now.

For the foreseeable future, it sounds like Tyler Palko is your new starting quarterback of the Chiefs. Presumably Ricky Stanzi will land on the game day roster if Cassel can't play.

You wouldn't know Cassel was in danger of missing time judging by what he's said. After the game on Sunday, he told reporters that he expected to play Monday night against New England. On Monday morning, he reiterated to 810 WHB that he's preparing as if he will play next week.

This season has quickly taken a turn for the worse. I need some time to wrap my head around Tyler Palko facing Tom Brady next week, and possibly becoming the Chiefs new starting quarterback.