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Broncos Beat Chiefs: Five Good Stats

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This morning we did five bad stats from the Kansas City Chiefs loss to the Denver Broncos so now it's time for five good stats.

Like the rest of our five good stats posts following a Chiefs blowout loss, the good stats aren't easy to find (and I had to stretch to call them good on a couple).

Five good stats from the game...

0. Turnovers by the Chiefs offense. For the second straight week, the Chiefs offense did not turn the ball over. Turnovers are probably the most important stat for the Chiefs so this is a great number. (We'll just ignore that it did nothing to help them win those games.)

5.6. Chiefs yards per rushing attempt. 24 carries for 134 yards as a team isn't a bad number. I really wanted to put this number here to highlight the fact that the Chiefs yards per attempt was actually better than Denver's.

4. Penalties by the Chiefs. They had nine last week so this is an improvement.

1. Number of Broncos rushes over 20 yards. They had one 24-yard run but other than that the rest of the Broncos rushing attempts went for under 20 yards. Despite 55 rushing attempts against them, the Chiefs defense didn't give up a lot of big plays on the ground.

93. Total yards for Dexter McCluster. He had 14 total touches (and one near-fumble) on the day. That's eight rushes for 45 yards and six receptions for 48 yards.