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This Kansas City Chiefs Loss Feels Different Than The Others

This one didn't feel like the others did. It feels...different. It's like the Kansas City Chiefs, after Sunday's loss to the Denver Broncos, are definitely headed in the wrong direction. It's easy to be upset after a team starts 0-3 but it was still really early in the season. Plus, those two losses came against teams that we later found out were pretty good.

Context is needed to understand why I'm feeling so down about the Chiefs today.

They had won four in a row, sat at 4-3, with two very winnable games coming up against the Miami Dolphins and Broncos. We were talkin' playoffs around here, looking at stats of teams that have started 0-3 to come back and win the division.

But then....

The Chiefs get smoked by Miami, 31-3, and when we think they'll rebound because, after all, their backs were against the ball, they lose to a Tim Tebow led Broncos team that completed two passes.

I'm careful to say this because it's just a feeling I have without any hard proof but you get the sense that the frustration level is rising among the team, that the message of don't stop believing is wearing off. Kent Babb of the KC Star, who's more connected within the Chiefs than I am, wondered on Twitter after the game if some of the players are doubting Todd Haley's coaching ability. A couple of offensive players told me after the game that the Broncos defense showed them some things they hadn't seen before. Andy Studebaker was beyond pissed off at something after the game.

Maybe -- hopefully -- I'm wrong.

Haley has said that the Chiefs seem to only play well when their backs are against the wall and that's certainly the case now. If they have any shot of salvaging the season -- the percentages of that happening went way down after this loss -- then they need to go on a serious run in the midst of the most difficult part of their schedule.