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Broncos Beat Chiefs: Five Bad Stats

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There's not much to say about the Kansas City Chiefs loss to the Denver Broncos. (I take that back. I just wrote a few hundred words about this game.) The defense wasn't at their best considering Tim Tebow and Co. just passed twice but the offense gets more of the blame in this one.

There are plenty of bad stats to look over. Here are five of them:

2. Tim Tebow's completions. Yeah, two completions and the Chiefs lost. I used to think that the Chiefs were good against one dimensional opponents because Romeo Crennel can figure that out and out-smart the opponent into stopping what they do best. Clearly, that's no longer the case. The Chiefs were beat up  -- again -- by a supposed inferior opponent. The fact that Tebow completed two passes is the best way to describe this game.

0. Turnovers created by the Chiefs. For the second straight week, KC did not create a turnover. I think through nine games we've learned that the Chiefs need to create turnovers to have a shot. They've been outscored 48-13 the last two games and the turnover battle in that game has been 0-0 combined. It seems as if the Chiefs just aren't good enough to beat a team straight up, like the Dolphins and Broncos did at Arrowhead. They need that extra boost, which they got during the four-game winning streak, but haven't seen lately.

2-of-11. Chiefs third down percentage. Hard to win when only two of your drives are extended on third down. The defense allowed a two-passes-completed offense to put up 17 points on them but the offense deserves blame, too. Cassel had 93 yards passing in three-plus quarters and, outside of a 34-yard run by Jackie Battle, the offense really didn't do anything of significance.

7-for-65. Catches and yards by the big three. That's Dwayne Bowe, Jonathan Baldwin and Steve Breaston. How do these guys combine for 65 yards? They basically are the passing offense. And they did nothing of note. (I take that back. Jonathan Baldwin's catch was of note but it didn't count.)

1. Touchdowns by the Chiefs. That's one touchdown in the last two weeks. The Chiefs defense played well enough to win but 13 points in two weeks? No surprise that the Chiefs have lost two in a row.