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Chiefs' Matt Cassel Injured In Loss To Broncos

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Kansas City Chiefs QB Tyler Palko finished off Sunday's loss to the Denver Broncos after QB Matt Cassel (who was sporting a new mustache) went down with an apparent hand injury. Cassel spoke to reporters after the game and said the coaching staff determined he was "too banged up" to finish the game.

There wasn't anything visibly wrong with Cassel in the postgame media session but Kent Babb of the KC Star spotted him later and tweeted that Cassel was "wearing a cast on his right hand. Had index and middle fingers immobilized." So...yeah. This is going to be an interesting week.

Cassel said he's "ready to play everyday" when asked if he could be ready for Week 11 against the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football. His coach, Todd Haley, said after the game he was unable to physically finish the game and that had the Chiefs recovered the onside kick at the end of the game, it would be Palko entering the game.

Cassel clearly didn't want to say too much about the injury after the game. I transcribed part of his Q&A with reporters after the jump.

Questions are paraphrased. 

Q: Were you too banged up to go back in?

Cassel: I'm not going to get into specifics but yes. I couldn't go back into the game.

Q: Was it your choice or were you told?

Cassel: I was told.

Q: To be clear, you said you could or could not have gone back in?

Cassel: I wanted to go but again I was told not to.

Q: Is it your hand, Matt?

Cassel: No.

Q: So it was an injury?

Cassel: I was a little banged up so that's what kept me out. So our medical staff will evaluate as the week goes on.

Q: I know we're 8 days away from the next one. Could you practice, get a full week in and play on Monday night?

Cassel: I'm ready to play everyday. I'll be ready for Monday night unless told otherwise. 

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