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Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos Run All Over Kansas City Chiefs

Tim Tebow to Eric Decker in the fourth quarter. On third down. After that pass, Tebow had completed two passes the entire game. One of those was that 56-yard TD pass to Decker. 17-10, Broncos was the final score. The game was essentially over on that play. 

The Broncos ran the ball almost the entire game. Literally. The Chiefs never figured it out. And oddly enough, a deep TD pass sealed the game for the Broncos. Denver's pass rush added to the damage on the other side. 

To help cheer you up, even though this play didn't count, here is Jonathan Baldwin's amazing catch

Here are your quarter by quarter commentaries. I highly suggest checking out the comments:

This is your post game open thread. Much more to come later. Final stats are here