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Broncos Vs. Chiefs 2011: KC And Denver Take Close Game Into Fourth Quarter

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The Kansas City Chiefs are still down to the Denver Broncos as we enter the fourth quarter. The score is 10-7, in favor of the Broncos. 

Here are some notes on the second half so far:


  • RB Jackie Battle busted off a 36-yard to kick off the second half for the Chiefs
  • Dexter McCluster "fumbled" the ball away right after the Jackie Battle run but it overturned on instant replay.  
  • Thomas Jones cannot do anything rushing the ball. Nothing. 
  • A rather amazing fake by Matt Cassel and Jackie Battle led to an easy touchdown catch for FB Le'Ron McClain near the goal line. 10-7, Broncos.


  • The Chiefs' D held up well against the Broncos during their first possession of the second half. 
  • The Chiefs still have not really figured how to make Tim Tebow and the Broncos pass. Just odd....

It's the fourth quarter in a close game. What are your gut feelings right now?