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Broncos-Chiefs At Halftime: Denver Shuts Out Kansas City

The Kansas City Chiefs defense has not been successful against the Denver Broncos offense this Sunday. The Broncos have barely passed the ball yet they lead 10-0.

Here are some notes on the second quarter:


  • The Chiefs' continue to have offensive line protection problems. Matt Cassel was hit and fumbled near KC's own goal-line but the Chiefs thankfully recovered. The drive resulted in a punt.
  • In general, the Chiefs have had little success doing anything on offense.
  • Jonathan Baldwin had a ridiculous grab towards the end of the half. I can't even describe it. Unfortunately, the play was null and void because of off-setting penalties. We'll have video of the catch ASAP.
  • The Chiefs just can't get any sort of a drive going. Let's hope that changes in the second half. 


  • The Broncos continue to pound away at the run, throwing the ball only once at the ten-minute mark of the second quarter.
  • The Chiefs finally made a third down stop (the Broncos had attempted four third downs at the time) and it resulted in a Denver field goal. 10-0, Broncos. Less than ten minutes left in the second quarter.
  • The Broncos aren't exactly killing the Chiefs. Romeo Crennel needs to shut down this one-dimensional Denver offense in the second half. 

First quarter commentary is here. So, halftime. How are you feeling?